News and Events

On this page you can find updates regarding activities, events, and media appearances of members of the political theory cluster.

Activities and Events

DVPW Roundtable discussion

On September 24, Tine Stein and her team hosted a panel discussion on "Freedom and/or solidarity? Political theroy in times of the pandemic" as part of the theory section of the DVPW. For a full report (in German) click here.

Roundtable postponed

The Roundtable on Governing systemic financial risk, scheduled for April 22, had to be postponed.

Guest Lecture at the University of Hamburg

On April 14, Prof. Schuppert was to give a guest lecture at the research colloquium of the Chair of Political Theory at the University of Hamburg. The lecture had to be cancelled due to coronavirus-related measures.

Guest Lecture "A Normative Theory of Systemic Risk"

On February 26, Prof. Schuppert was to give a guest lecture on A Normative Theory of Systemic Risk in Durham as part of the Political Thought and Global Politics Seminar Series. Due to the strikes in the United Kingdom the lecture had to be postponed.

Guest Lectures at the University of La Laguna

In February 2020, Dr. Thomas Mehlhausen taught on European integration issues at the University of La Laguna as part of an Erasmus lecturer mobility program.

Excursion to the Open Society Foundation

In the context of the master seminar "The democratic legitimacy of the European Union" by Dr. Mehlhausen, the seminar group visited the Open Society Foundation in Berlin on February 3, 2020, to discuss the so-called other democratic deficit of the European Union in the form of democratic backsliding using the example of Hungary.

Workshops "Land Rights in a Changing Climate"

As part of the British Academy-funded research project on Land Rights in a Changing Climate, which the Chair is overseeing in cooperation with Megan Blomfield from the University of Sheffield, two workshops were held in January:

January 27, 2020 at Tromsø University - Land Rights in a Changing Climate

  • Fabian Schuppert (University of Potsdam): "Land-based adaptation measures, the claims of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, and the prospects of a just transition"
  • Kerstin Reibold (Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø): "Indigenous land rights under climate change"
  • Matthew Coffay (University of Bergen): "Sustainability in Norwegian agriculture: The normative model of sustainable development and sustainability transition studies"
  • Megan Blomfield (University of Sheffield): "Land as a global commons?"

 From January 30-31, 2020 at the University of Oslo

For more details click here.

Guest lecture on the future of Europe

On January 13,  2020, Prof. Dr. Kastrop of the Bertelsmann Foundation spoke on the future of Europe at the master seminar "The democratic legitimation of the European Union" by Dr. Thomas Mehlhausen.

Foresight study on European security

The results of the expert scenario workshop "European Security in 2030", which Dr. Thomas Mehlhausen conducted for the Hertie School of Governance and the London School of Economics and Political Science, have recently been published here under his methodological guidance and review.

Media and communication 

Blog post on financial risks

On August 27th, Andrew Baker (Sheffield) and Fabian Schuppert published a blog post on ethically dealing with systemic financial risks. The blog summarizes findings from their ESRC-funded project on systemic risks, which is part of the Rebuilding Macroeconomics research programme.

Article on financial risks in Makroskop

On March 13, an article on the ethical assessment of financial risks appeared on the website of the German Economic Policy Magazine Makroskop by Prof. Schuppert.

Interview on the Corona crisis on the UP website

On March 27, an interview with Prof. Schuppert on the Corona crisis was published on the homepage of the University of Potsdam.