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Public and social services in Europe – from public and municipal to private sector provision

Herausgegeben von Hellmut Wollmann, Ivan Koprić und Gerard Marcou

Palgrave McMillan; Serie “Governance and Public Management”



Vorläufiges Inhaltsverzeichnis



Foreword (Hellmut Wollmann/Ivan Koprić/Gerard Marcou)

Comparative Study of public and social services provision: Definitional, conceptual and methodological frame (Hellmut Wollmann)

Marcou, Gerard: The impact of EU law on local public service provision: competition and public service (Gerard Marcou)

What impact of European Court of Justice decisions in the field of local public services provision? (Pierre Bauby/Mihaela Simlie

Country Chapters

Delivering public services in the United Kingdom in a period of austerity (John McEldowney)

Local government public service provision in France: diversification of management patterns and decentralization reforms (Gérard Marcou)

Re-Municipalisation Revisited: Long-Term Trends in the Provision of Local Public Services in Germany (Frank Bönker/Jens Libbe/ Hellmut Wollmann)

Local government and the market. The case of public services and care for the elderly in Sweden (Stig Montin)

Local public services in Italy: still fragmentation (Giulio Citroni/Andrea Lippi/Stefania Profeti)

Spanish Municipal Services delivery: an uncertain scenario (Jaume Magre Ferran/ Esther Pano Puey)

From municipal socialism to the sovereign debt crisis:  Local Services in Greece 1980-2015 (Theodore Tsekos/Athanasia Triantafyllopoulou

Mixed System: Transformation and Current Trends in the Provision of Local Public Services in the Czech and Slovak Republics (Juraj Nemec/Jana Soukopova)

The evolution of local public services provision in Poland (Lukacs Mikula/Marzena Walaszek)

From Municipalisation to Centralism: Changes in the Hungarian Local Public Service Delivery (Tamás M. Horvath)

Local Government and Local Public Services in Croatia (Ivan Kopric/Vedran Dulabic/Anamarija Musa)

Local service delivery in Turkey (Ulas Bayraktar/Cagla Tansug)


Sectoral Chapters

Local governments and the energy sector: A comparison of France, Iceland and the United Kingdom (Roselyn Allemand/Magali Dreyfus/Magnus Arni Magnusson/John McEldowney)

Water Provision in France, Germany and Switzerland: Between Convergence and Divergence (Eva Lieberherr/Claudine Viard/Carsten Herzberg

Hospital privatization in Germany and France: Marketization without deregulation? (Tanja Klenk/Renate Reiter)


Concluding and summarizing chapters

Local Public Service Delivery between Privatisation and  Publicisation: The Renaissance of the Cooperatives? (Hartmut Bauer/Markmann Friedrich)

Institutional variants of local utility services: Evidence from several European countries (Giuseppe Grossi/Christoph Reichard)

Provision of public and social services in Europe. From public/municipal to private – and reverse? A summary (Hellmut Wollmann)