From May 4th to May 6th the workshop "Agency and Norms" of the DVPW thematic group “Norms in International Relations” took place in Potsdam. It was the third out of a total of four thematic workshops organized by this group. The fourth and last workshop will take place from October 10th to October 11th in Hamburg.

The workshop in Potsdam organized by Anna Holzscheiter, Julian Junk, Simon Koschut, Andrea Liese, and Carmen Wunderlich was characterized by exciting discussions about various topics in current norm research. Especially, the lecture „Algorithms, Autonomy, Agency: The Curious Case of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems“ dealing with drones by Sassan Gholiagha triggered a vivid discussion.

Beside the panel discussions, the workshop offered room for a fruitful exchange among the participants during the dinner at Griebnitzsee.

Special thanks you goes to the student assistants Anne Püstow, Antonia Baumgarten and research assistant Inga Christina Müller for helping to organize the workshop.

Prof. Dr. Andrea Liese and her team are happy to have held this exciting workshop.