Information on the Exams During Fall Term 2017/18

The exam for the bachelor's lecture "Einführung in die internationale Politik" will take place on Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 during 09.50h - 11.45h (incl. registration) in room 3.06.H05.

The exam for the master's lecture "Theories of International Institutions" will take place on Thursday, February 8th, 2018 during 09.50h - 12.15 (incl. registration) expected in room 3.06.S14 (but please check for updates on this issue on Moodle).

All students regularly enrolled at the University of Potsdam, please register yourself via PULS (deadline: 8 days before the exam). If you have any questions please contact the PULS team (puls-teamuni-potsdamde). International students and MAIB students not enrolled at the University of Potsdam, please send an E-Mail to to register within the same deadline.

Please read all the information provided on Moodle!

The date of the second exam (most likely in March) will be announced after the first exam. Students that failed the first exam will be informed two weeks before the secons exam at latest. For the second exam a separate registration is neccessary.