Experiencing a project day in our physics laboratories

Our team

The Physik Lehr-Lern-Werkstatt of Potsdam University is guided by Dr. Uta Magdans and her reliable team composed of student and research assistants. In the research group of physics didactics Dr. Magdans is responsible for the practical training of future teachers in experimentation. Here students learn to develop, arrange, and present experiments. In the school lab Dr. Magdans coordinates and mentors the physics projects. Currently the projects of the physics department originate from bachelor and master theses by university students. Thus experiments and processes are scientifically deduced and evaluated.

Normal procedure

Our project days always start with a warm welcome. As the focus of our project days is on experimenting we then have to give a short safety instruction concerning our laboratories. Afterwards pupils can explore physical contents in small research teams at different learning stations. Of course, breaks are adjusted to the learning groups. For further information please contact Dr. Magdans.


Main topics

Currently the key topics of our school lab are radiation and LEGO®-optics. We provide several projects that deal with UV radiation, radioactivity, and acoustics. Furthermore we offer a project day focusing on energy. As different as these topics are, as different the target groups may be. Our information sheets provide an overview over the projects and their alignments. For further information you may also visit the corresponding websites.

Please note: Didactical research confirms the significance of in-class preparation. In order to save time and attention on your project day, it is important to prepare your class for a visit in the school lab. This may involve showing pictures of our laboratories. For this you may follow this link.