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Laboratory for Oral Language Acquisition (LOLA)

Research Focus

At the Laboratory for Oral Language Acquisition (LOLA), we are interested in the (a)typical development of speech motor control and its interactions with perceptual, phonological and lexical developments. We use various methods (e.g. acoustical analyses, ultrasound imaging, eye tracking, developmental assessments).

Third Party Funded Staff

NameTel                 RoomE-Mail
Stella Krüger   0331/977-6352 II.29.207stelkrue@uni-potsdam.nomorespam.de
Jan Ries0331/977-2215   II.14.210janries@uni-potsdam.nomorespam.de
Dzhuma Abakarova0331/977-6352II.29.207dzhuma.abakarova@uni-potsdam.nomorespam.de
Lisa Hintermeier0331/977-2215  II.29.207hintermeier@uni-potsdam.nomorespam.de
Anisia Popescue0331/977-2527II.14.109popescu@uni-potsdam.nomorespam.de
Jennifer Sander0331/977-6352II.29.207jesander@uni-potsdam.nomorespam.de


Prof. Barbara Hoehle, University of Potsdam, hoehle@uni-potsdam.nomorespam.de
Prof. Lucie Ménard, UQAM- McGill University (Canada), menard.lucie@uqam.nomorespam.ca
Prof. Christine Mooshammer, Humboldt University (Germany), mooshamc@hu-berlin
Prof. Martijn Wieling, University of Groningen (Netherlands),  m.b.wieling@rug.nomorespam.nl
Prof. Khalil Iskarous, University of Southern California (USA), kiskarou@usc.nomorespam.edu
Prof. Em. Carol Fowler, University of Connecticut (USA), carol.fowler@uconn.nomorespam.edu
Prof. Louis Goldstein, University of Southern California (USA), louisgol@usc.nomorespam.edu
Prof. Ghada Kattab, Newcastle University (UK), ghada.khattab@newcastle.ac.nomorespam.uk
Prof. Ken Pugh, Haskins Laboratories (USA), pugh@haskins.yale.nomorespam.edu