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Past Events 2012

04.12.2012 [Syntax Colloquium] David Erschler (U Tübingen) Complementizers all over the place: The puzzles of the Ossetic left periphery
16:15, Golm, H14 R009

03.12.2012 [CLColloquium ] Hendrik Buschmeier (U Bielefeld): Interpreting and Adapting to Communicative Feedback
12:00, Golm, H14 R009

17.11.2012 [6. Herbsttreffen Patholinguistik] Labyrinth Grammatik - Therapie von syntaktischen Störungen bei Kindern und Erwachsenen.
09.30, Campus Griebnitzsee, H6, Room H03

19.11.2012 [CL Colloquium] Klaus-Peter Engelbrecht (TU Berlin):  Prediction of user judgments with user models
12:00, Golm, H14 R009

12.11.2012 [CL Colloquium] Nikos Engonopoulos (U Potsdam): 1. Linguistic complexity and cognitive load in a dual-task context 2. Towards a probabilistic model of reference in situated dialogue
12:00, Golm, H14 R009

05.11.2012 [CL Colloquium] Cindy Tscherwinka (euroscript Berlin): Commercially applicable machine translation?
12:00, Golm, H14 R009

06.11.2012 [Syntax Colloquium] Martin Salzmann (U. Leipzig): New evidence for post-syntactic verb cluster formation and a right-branching VP . The case of verb doubling
16:15, Golm, H14 R009

02.11.2012 Ted Gibson (MIT): The communicative basis of word order
10:00, Golm, H14, Besprechungsraum (2nd floor)

02.11.2012 Evelina Fedorenko (MIT): A novel framework for a neural architecture of language
11:30, Golm, H14, Besprechungsraum (2nd floor)

30.10.2012 [Syntax Colloquium] Aritz Irurtzun (Centre Nacional de la Recherche Scientifique): Bach in Potsdam
16:00, Golm, H14 R009

22.10.2012 [Cl Colloquium] Michael Kohlhase (U Bremen): Reconstructing and Exploiting Semantics of Mathematical Documents in
Science, Techology, and Engineering.
12:00, Golm, H14 R009

16.10.2012 [syntax colloquium] Ayesha Kidwai (JNU Delhi): Ex-it: On the syntax of finite clause extraposition and pronominal correlates in Hindi and Bangla
16:00, Golm, H14 R009

10.07.2012 [syntax colloquium] Hans Heinrich Hock (U of Illinois): Typology and history of relative clauses in South Asian languages
16:00, Golm, H14 R035

09.07.2012 [EMCL guest speaker seminar] Tobias Bormann (U Freiburg): Pure Alexia as a neurological, a visual, and a cognitive neuropsychological impairment
12:15, Golm, H14 R035

05.07.2012 [Semantics Colloquium] Agata Renans (U Potsdam) A family of exclusives in Ga (Kwa, Niger-Congo)
16:15, Golm, H14 R026

03.07.2012 [Syntax Colloquium] Lucie Medová (U South Bohemia) The Czech prefix u- as out-of-control morphology
16:15, Golm, H14 R035

28.06.2012 [Semantics Colloquium] Andreas Haida (HU Berlin) On the mention-some reading of questions.
16:15, Golm, H14 R026

28.06.2012 [language acquisition colloquium] Kriszta Szendröi (UC London) Comprehending focus: adults and children
12:15, Golm, H14 R045

26.06.2012 [Syntax Colloquium] Bartosz Wiland (University of Poznan) Universal functional sequence: the symmetric syntax of Slavic prefixes and Japanese complex verbs.
16:15, Golm, H14 R035

25.06.2012 [CL Colloquium] Matt Purver (U London) Extending and learning an incremental semantic grammar.
16:15, Golm, H14 R029

21.06.2012 [Semantics Colloquium] Marta Wierzba (U Potsdam)
16:15, Golm, H14 R026

19.06.2012 [CL Colloquium] Stefan Kopp (U Bielefeld): NLGG - Natural language and gesture generation
16:15, Golm, H14, R015

19.06.2012 [Syntax Colloquium] Paul Bassong (U Potsdam): Predicate focus in Basa'a: The syntax-semantics interface
16:00, Golm, H14, R035

18.06.2012 [EMCL guest speaker seminar] Ingrid Aichert (U München): Rhythm is it! Investigations of word and sentence stress in patients with Apraxia of speech.
12:15, Golm, H14 R035

15.06.2012 [Semantics Colloquium] Paula Menendez-Benito (U Göttingen): Spanish Indefinites and Dependent Plurality: the Role of Scalarity.
10:00 ZAS Berlin

14.06.2012 John Robert (Haj) Ross (U North Texas): What makes poetry possible? And what makes it necessary?
10:00, Neues Palais, H11, R227

14.06.2012 John Robert (Haj) Ross (U North Texas): Inner Islands: What negation makes impossible?
14:00 Neues Palais, H11, R227

12.6.2012 [Syntax Colloquium] Maria Balbach (U Potsdam und HU Berlin): Focus and New Information in the German Nachfeld.
16:00, Golm,  H14 R035

11.6.2012 [EMCL guest speaker seminar] Guido Nottbusch (U Potsdam): An introduction to graphomotorics
12:15, H14 R035

11.6.2012 [CL Colloquium] Maria Staudte (U Saarland): Multi-modal grounding for spoken human-agent interaction.
16:00, Golm, H14 R029

06.06.2012 Jan de Ruiter (U Bielefeld): The anticipation of the end of the current speaker's turn in conversation
10:15, H14 R215/16

05.06.2012 [Syntax Colloquium] Martin Rohrmeier (Freie U Berlin): Music, trees and leaves - and what it means to hear them
16:15, Golm, H14 R035

04.06.2012 [CL Colloquium] John Kelleher (Dublin Institute of Technology): Lingle: Creating the next generation of online language learning tools
16:15, Golm, H14 R029

04.06.2012 [EMCL guest speaker seminar] Willem van Steenbrugge (Flinders U, Australia): Auditory processing disorders (APD) in children: what’s up?
12:15, Golm, H14 R035

31.05.2012 [Semantics Colloquium] Lucas Champollion (U Tübingen): Each vs. jeweils: A cover-based view on distance distributivity
16:15, Golm, H14 R026

29.05.2012 [Syntax Colloquium] Luis Vicente (U Potsdam): Linearization problems with parenthetical structures

25.05.2012 [Semantics Colloquium] Marta Abrusan (U Göttingen): Predicting the presuppositions of soft triggers

23.05.2012 Habilitation lecture by Dr. Frank Kügler: Neutralisation an der Phonetik-Phonologie Schnittstelle

22.05.2012 [Syntax Colloquium] Jana Häussler (U Potsdam): Multiple center embedding is difficult - but is it really that special? A corpus analysis of German complex relative clauses

21.05.2012 [CL Colloquium] Daniel Quernheim (U Stuttgart): Graph automata for semantics-based machine translation

21.05.2012 [EMCL guest speaker seminar] Heather van der Lely (Cambridge, MA): Insight into the neurobiological basis of grammar from developmental grammatical impairments

14.05.2012 [CL Colloquium] Aurelie Herbelot (U Potsdam): Quantification in distributional semantics

14.05.2012 [EMCL guest speaker seminar] Sandra Hanne (U Potsdam): Eye-tracking and aphasic sentence comprehension

10.05.2012 [Semantics Colloquium] Anne Mucha (U Potsdam): Temporal reference in a genuinely tenseless language: The case of Hausa (Chadic)

08.05.2012 [Syntax Colloquium] Benjamin Bruening (U Delaware/ZAS Berlin): Precede-and-command revisited

07.05.2012 [EMCL guest speaker seminar] Katharina von Kriegstein (MPI Leipzig): Human auditory communication - from visual cortices to auditory thalamus

03.05.2012 [Semantics Colloquium] Olga Kellert (FU Berlin); Lena Karvovskaya (U Potsdam)

26.04.2012 [Semantics Colloquium] Timothy Leffel (NYU, U Potsdam): Single as anti-plural

18.04.2012 [Semantics Colloquium] Mira Grubic & Anne Mucha (U Potsdam): Explaining the modal readings of Hausa sai ("only")

03.01.2012 [Syntax Colloquium] Joseph DeVeaugh-Geiss (U Potsdam)

09.01.2012 [CL Colloquium] Bruce Watson (U Stellenbosch)

16.01.2012 [CL Colloquium] Alexander Koller (U Potsdam)

23.01.2012 [CL Colloquium] Andreas Peldszus (U Potsdam)

25.01.2011 [Phonetics / Phonology Group Meeting] Doug Whalen (Haskins Labs, New Haven, Connecticut)

30.01.2012 [CL Colloquium] Marco Kuhlmann (U Uppsala): Dynamic Programming Algorithms for Transition-Based Dependency Parsers

31.01.2012 [Syntax Colloquium] Ayesha Kidwai