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Past Events 2011

19.12.2011 [CL Colloquium] Matthias Büchse (TU Dresden): Produktkonstruktionen für das Maschinelle Übersetzen

13.12.2011 [CL Colloquium] Saeedeh Momtazi (Hasso-Plattner-Institut): Bridging the vocabulary gap between questions and answers sentences in question answering systems

13.12.2011 [Syntax Colloquium] Rosmin Mathew (U Tromso): Apparent Islands: Question words and adjunct phrases in Malayala

08.12.2011 [Phonetics / Phonology Group Meeting] Kevin Roon (NY U)

06.12.2011 [Phonetics / Phonology Group Meeting] Mark Tiede (MIT & Haskins Labs)

06.12.2011 [Syntax Colloquium]

05.12.2011 [CL Colloquium] Stephen Clark (U Cambridge): A Mathematical Framework for a Compositional Distribution Model of Meaning

29.11.2011 [Syntax Colloquium] Werner Frey (ZAS Berlin): Bemerkungen zur Distribution von Sätzen, die ‘Root’-Phänomene erlauben

28.11. 2011 [CL Colloquium] Nina Dethlefs (U Bremen): A Joint Learning for Situated NLG

23.11.2011 Vera Hohaus (U Tübingen, SFB 833): Crosslinguistic Variation in the Semantics of Degree Constructions: Evidence from Samoan

21.11. 2011 [CL Colloquium] Ron Petrick (U Edinburgh): Planning for social interaction in embodied robot systems

22.11.2011 [Syntax Colloquium]

15.11.2011 [Syntax Colloquium] Marta Wierzba

14.11.2011 [CL Colloquium] Ann Copestake (U Cambridge, currently HU Berlin): Semantic Representation and Dependency Structure in DELPH-IN

08.11.2011 [Syntax Colloquium] Edmund Biloa (Université de Yaoundé I, Kamerun): Pied-piping, remnant movement and clause structure in Muyang

07.11.2011 [CL Colloquium] Manfred Pinkal (Saarland U): Machen Daten Sinn? Minimal überwachte Lernverfahren in der computerlinguistischen Semantik

01.11.2011 [Syntax Colloquium] Maria Balbach (SFB 632): (Backward) Gapping in German?

25.10.2011 [Phonetics / Phonology Group Meeting] Dr. Amy LaCross: The role of language-specific phonology: Tracking linguistic variables in Khalkha Mongolian

25.10.2011 [Syntax Colloquium] Mayumi Hosono (Leiden & Potsdam): Semantics and Derivation of Multiple Wh-Question

23.09.2011 [Phonetics / Phonology Group Meeting] Louis Goldstein (USC): Dynamics, speech timing and grammar

08.09.2011 [Phonetics / Phonology Group Meeting] Aude Noiray (Haskins): Acoustic and articulatory analyses of lingual coarticulation in children

07.07.2011 [Psycholinguistik Kolloquium] Paula Fikkert (Radboud U Nijmegen): Word Learning. Sounds, sounds, sounds

07.07.2011 Sophie Salffner (SOAS): Modelling downstep - challenges from Ikaan

30.06.2011 [Psycholinguistik Colloquium] Diana Apoussidou (U Utrecht): Up on stage: Growing a lexicon on phonotactic segmentation

30.06.2011 Susi Wurmbrand (U Connecticut): On Agree and feature licensing

07.06.2011 [CL Colloquium] Anna Kuhlen (Humboldt U Berlin): Addressees shape speaking: How informational needs affect spoken dialogue

31.05.2011 [Sematics Colloquium] Rajesh Bhatt (U Massachusetts): Differential in Nominal Comparatives

13.5.2011 [Language Acquisation Group] Catherine Demuth (U Macquarie, Sydney): Phonological Constraints on Morphological Development

05.5.2011 [Language Acquisation Group] Claudia Männel (MPI Leipzig): The role of prosody in language acqusation - ERP studies on intonational phrase processing and lexical segmentation

14.4.2011 [Language Acquisition Colloquium] Ana Lucia Santos (U Lisbon): Early Inflected Infinitives

12.4.2011 [Sematics Colloquium] Daniel Hole (U Cologne): A new intervention effect with 'only' - additional evidence for a distributed syntax-and-semantics of scalar 'only

17.2.2011 [Syntax Colloquium] Josef Bayer (U Konstanz): Discourse particles as heads and attractors in German and in Bangla

17.2.2011 [Language Acquisition Colloquium] Chiara Cantiani (Scientific Institute "E.Medea"): The Lingusitic Nature of Developmental Dyslexia: An Electrophysical Investigation

08.2.2011 [Syntax Colloquium] Manuela Korth (Potsdam U / Stuttgart U): Out of the core

03.2.2011 [Phonology Colloquium] Adrian Grunert (Potsdam U): Fokusintonation im Türkischen

01.2.2011 [Syntax Colloquium] Barbara Stiebels (ZAS Berlin): On the adequacy of position classes

27.1.2011 [Phonology Colloquium] Franziska Reckling (Potsdam U): Pitchrange Variation des Deutschen in positiven und negativen Aussagen

13.1.2011 [Phonology Colloquium] Susanne Genzel (Potsdam U): Preplanning in Akan

06.1.2011 [Language Acquisition Colloquium] Francesca Foppolo from (Milano-Bicocca U): "Through the looking glasses": another look at the Isomorphism effect