The LifE Study

Welcome to the LifE Study – A panel study concerned with Life Courses from Late Childhood to Early Adulthood (in German: Lebensverläufe ins frühe Erwachsenenalter – LifE).

We appreciate your interest.

Our study examines transitions from adolescence to middle adulthood. Therefore, we followed the life courses of more than 1.300 individuals since the late 1970s. In addition to the main sample, data on the parents and – starting in 2012 – the children of the main sample were included in our survey. Hence, the LifE study allows research focusing on three generations.

We are very delighted about your interest in this study and thank all of those who made this unique study possible!

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LifE 55 is coming in 2022! 

The preparations for the next round of the survey started!