Research project “Strength Training in Youth Athletes”

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Goals of the project

I) To develop and validate a new questionnaire for the assessment of youth athletes’ resistance training skill competency. This new and easy-to-administer tool will allow practitioners and strength and conditioning specialists to evaluate their athlete’s individual resistance training skill competency and assign them to the appropriate stage within the conceptual KINGS model of longterm athlete development [18].

II) To examine the effects of concurrent strength and endurance training (i.e., concurrent training) on measures of physical fitness in youth athletes according to their maturity level.

III) To investigate physiological adaptations within the muscletendon unit following youth resistance training. More specifically, we will examine whether an individualised resistance training program mitigates imbalanced adaptations of muscles and tendons. Therefore, new scientific methods will be implemented for an individualised muscletendon assessment [19].

IV) To transfer the obtained scientific knowledge to sports practice using current digital tools such as podcasts or blogs.

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Our partners

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Project funded by

Project funded by the German Federal Institute of Sport Science (BISp)

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Representatives of the BISp and the KINGS consortium are meeting international guest speakers from Canada, England and Wales at the KINGS symposium.
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Youtube chanel of the BISp

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New Publication on prevention of tendon impairments in adolescent athletes

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