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Research Section: Judaism Christianity Islam

The study and description of the historical development of specific religions and of particular issues in a religion (e.g. the concept of God in Islam) is a cornerstone for religious studies. In Potsdam, this is primarily concentrated on the three Abrahamic religions, and the central constituent components are self-descriptions, ascriptions, highly theological forms and faith performances experienced, as well as historical and contemporary developments. Religious studies as a part of cultural studies zero in on the mutual relations of religion and philosophy, religion and politics, religion and art. The religious-historic perspective avails us an understanding of inter- and inner-cultural debates. Colleagues from the departments of Jewish Studies and Jewish Theology support the Religious Studies in Potsdam in respect of the research of Jewish history, philosophy and cultures.

For more information on research and teaching in the Research Section Judaism Christianity Islam, please refer to the respective websites of the associates.