Possibility of an external dissertation at the chair

You have the possibility to write a dissertation at the Chair of Economic Policy and International Economics. Your dissertation project will than be supervised by the chair. 
To assess your project, please send an application including the following documents by e-mail to the office of the chair: 

  1. Synopsis of your planned dissertation: This synopsis should especially include the research question of your project. Additionally you should show in your synopsis which research gaps you want to deal with, how you want to work methodically as well as which kind of result to you expect/aim for (of course you can't know the real results since they will be determined by your analyses, but you will have an expectation about your outcomes). The synopsis usually includes 10-15 pages and you have to have already a basic knowledge about the topic and the current state of research.

  2. Curriculum vitae

  3. A short letter of motivation and explanations to your visions/general conditions concerning your work on the dissertation (professional situation, thematical connection to other occupations, time scheduling...).

Based on these documents we will look into the possibilites and the interest of the chair to superivse your project. If your project is assessed possitiv, a personal meeting with Prof. Dunn will be arranged. After this personal meeting you will get a definitive decision about the supervision of your project.