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Dear students,

welcome to the professorship of international economic relations. On this homepage, you'll find an overview on the staff, the courses and research projects of this chair. Additionally, you'll find news of the chair, e. g. exam results, grades and events. If you have any questions, please contact the office or the research assistants.


Dear students,

I am very pleased that Ioana Lungu (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ) agreed to present first-hand knowledge on her work about the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) in our Development Economics class. Ms. Lungu is a member of the GIZ-team that advises the African Union on matters concerning the design and the implementation of aspects related to the AfCFTA. More information on this project can be found here: https://www.giz.de/en/worldwide/59611.html

The presentation will take place on January 30 from 2 - 3:30 pm in room S12.

Please feel free to forward this information to other students or faculty members who might be interested in attending the presentation. It will be convenient if those other students / faculty members briefly register for the event by sending an email to schoelzeuni-potsdamde (ideally in German).

Kind regards,

Johannes Paha


  • New publication by Ulaş Şener: Central Bank Independence and the idea of money neutrality: re-considering the theoretical link, in Jespersen, Jesper/ Finn Olesen (eds.) (2019): Progressive Post-Keynesian Economics - Dealing with Reality, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 96-110 (Link)
  • New book review by Ulaş Şener: Gehring, Axel (2019): Vom Mythos des starken Staates und der europäischen Integration der Türkei. Über eine Ökonomie an der Pheripherie des euro-atlantischen Raumes,  German Political Science Quarterly. (Download)
  • New publication by Reinhard Schumacher: Do Not Take Peace for Granted: Adam Smith’s Warning on the Relation Between Commerce and War, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Vol. 43(3): pp. 785-797, with Maria Pia Paganelli. (Download)
  • New publication by Reinhard Schumacher: Ökonomische Ideengeschichte – Eine Verbündete der Pluralen Ökonomik?, in: Petersen, David J. et al. (Hrsg): Perspektiven einer pluralen Ökonomik,  Springer Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften: Wiesbaden, pp. 183-207. (Download)
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  • New publication by Reinhard Schumacher: The Vigorous and Doux Soldier: David Hume’s Military Defence of Commerce, History of European Ideas, Vol. 44(8), pp. 1141-1152 with Maria Pia Paganelli. (Download)
  • New publication by Reinhard Schumacher: Karl Menger as the Son of Carl Menger, History of Political Economy, Vol. 50(4), pp. 649-678 with Scott Scheall. (Download)
  • New publication by Peter Schmidt: Market failure vs. system failure as a rationale for economic policy? A critique from an evolutionary perspective, Journal of Evolutionary Economics. (Springer Nature SharedIt)
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  • New publication by Reinhard Schumacher: Adam Smith, the Patterns of Foreign Trade and the Division of Labour: A Country as a Jack-of-All-Trades Rather Than a Specialist, Adam Smith Review, Vol. 10, pp. 4-21. (GoogleBooks)
  • Reinhard Schumacher has received the Gilles Dostaler Award 2017 of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought for his article Adam Smith and the "Rich Country – Poor Country" Debate: 18th Century Views on Economic Progress and International Trade (pdf).

Further information:

  • Please note that a new homepage of the economics department of the University of Potsdam is online now (available only in German). You find this homepage here: http://ww.uni-potsdam.de/homepage-vwl.