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Acceptance of courses, that were successfully passed at the University of Potsdam

(this is addressed to students who just need a certificate in their minor subjects)

Please fill in the PDF-file below (except for the grade) as far as it is possible and send the file via e-mail to the chair's office. After the certificate is verified and issued, you will receive an e-mail that you can collect it up at the chair's office.

Download of the certificate: Leistungsnachweis/Schein 

Acceptance of courses that were successfully passed at other universities

Courses that were successfully passed at other universities can be accepted as equivalent. To this end, you have to prove by means of certificates and course description that you actually accomplished the required  performances. Accomplishment will only be accepted as equivalent courses,

  • if the spent time of the course (contact hours) and the level of requirements are comparable (e.g., a course of a BA degree programme can not be accepted as a course of a MA degree programme);
  • if the subject matter of the course is comparable to the subject matter of the course, which should be replaced by the acceptance;

Formulars for the acceptance of courses can be found here.