International Calls for Proposals

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Internal Calls for Proposals

"Teaching & Training" Cooperation Funding

Call for Proposals ( pdf 2021)

With the “Teaching & Training” Cooperation Funding to complement the KoUP program, the university management creates opportunities to fund teaching and further training at partner universities outside the EU and to intensify partnership work. Technical and administrative personnel are thus invited to actively contribute to helping our partnerships thrive. 

“Teaching & Training” Cooperation Funding at a Glance

This funding opportunity with different focus areas that change every year offers support for the realization of activities with Potsdam’s partner universities. The financial resources are made up of the university budget and third-party funding, which are partly subject to funding regulations.

“Teaching & Training” funding is awarded to promote the further development of cooperation with partners of the university. Please refer to the call for proposals for more information.

A committee headed by the Vice President in charge will decide on the approval of applications.

Die deadline for 2021 has passed. The next deadline for proposals will be: January 15, 2022.

Please note:  Proposals for cooperation with HSE Moscow may be submitted at any time. It is also possible to invite guests from HSE Moscow to the  University of Potsdam.  

Dr. Regina Neum-Flux

If you have any questions, please contact the Director of International Office, Ms. Dr. Regina Neum-Flux (+49 331 977-1533;

External Calls for Proposals

DWIH Brazil - Deutsches Wissenschafts- und Innovationshaus São Paulo – Calls for Proposals

The University of Potsdam is a main supporter of the Deutschen Wissenschafts- und Innovationshaus (DWIH) São Paulo. Members of the University of Potsdam are eligible to participate in the DWIH’s calls for proposals for the financial support of projects such as scientific events, science based innovation projects as well as initiatives at the intersection of science, economy, and culture in Brazil for up to €5000. 

The current deadline for proposals (projects for 2022) is October 1, 2021.

Please don't send applications directly to the DWIH, but hand in to International Office ( 

DWIH Call 2021 and application form [DE]

Template DWIH calculation of costs [DE]

Criteria for DWIH project proposals [DE]

Contact: Dr. Silke Brodersen, International Office, Tel.: 0331-977124436

Philipp Schwartz - Initiative

Call for Philipp Schwartz Grants, 10th Round

The 'Philipp Schwartz Initiative' of the 'Alexander von Humboldt Foundation' supports the admission of threatened researchers at universities and research institutions, by providing scientists at risk with a two-year fellowship, as well as a lump sum for the receiving institution. Applications can be filed, not only for scholarship funds but for work contracts too.

The University of Potsdam has, as in previous rounds, successfully participated in the initiative and can once more nominate candidates.

Internal nomination deadline: 25 August 2021

Contact for Questions and Nominations

The nomination and selection of the candidates takes place at the University of Potsdam.
Please address your questions or proposals for nomination to:
Claudia Rößling, Welcome Center Potsdam, claudia.roesslinguni-potsdamde, Tel: 0331-977-1382

Call for Proposals for Summer Schools

Here we offer you a selection of support programs that finance summer schools, whether explicitly or as a possible element among others. The list is being supplemented. We would like to invite you to inform us about additional funding institutions.

The Division of Planning, Statistics, Research and Organization also provides information about other programs related to planning, statistics and research affairs.

The International Summer Campus Office (ISCO) offers advice and support with regard to the implementation of summer schools. The main contact for scientists interested in organizing a summer school is Dr. Volodymyr Kokhan (


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