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Der DAAD-Preis

Der im Jahre 1925 gegründete Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst (DAAD) entwickelte sich zu einer der weltweit größten Förderorganisationen für den internationalen Austausch von Studierenden und Wissenschaftlern, die mittlerweile mehr als 1,5 Mio. Akademiker im In- und Ausland unterstützt hat.

Um deutlich zu machen, welchen Gewinn internationale Studierende für unsere Hochschulen und die Gesellschaft bedeuten, hat der DAAD schon 1996 den DAAD-Preis für hervorragende Leistungen ausländischer Studentinnen und Studenten initiiert. Jährlich zeichnen fast 200 deutsche Hochschulen ihre besten ausländischen Studierenden mit diesem Preis aus. Mit dem DAAD-Preis werden vor allem Studierende geehrt, die besondere akademische Leistungen hervorbringen und sich für die Öffentlichkeit und Interkulturalität engagieren.

DAAD-Preis 2016

This year’s DAAD prize goes to Eduardo Andrés Martínez Valdés, who graduated from our master’s program in Clinical Exercise Science. Luckily, he stayed at our university and continued his PhD in the same field. He received nominations from two academic referees for his academic and social achievements, as well as his fellow student Konrad Roßbach, who was impressed by his brilliance and his willingness to help his fellow students.

Photo: Karla Fritze

Mr. Martínez Valdés was born in Chile and came to Potsdam in 2012 to pursue his graduate degree. His current research project is on neuromuscular adaptations of either endurance or high-intensity interval training. His two supervisors, Prof. Dr. Deborah Falla and Prof. Dr. Frank Mayer, consider him one of their best students, and they have commended him for his subject matter expertise, as well as his personal commitment and dedication.

Dr. Mayer also emphasizes that Mr. Martínez Valdés is an excellent team player. His colleague Mr. Roßbach agrees and adds: “We are particularly impressed that he shares his knowledge with us in a patient, generous, and matter-of-fact way. Among students, he is known by his nickname, the ‘walking encyclopedia’.” Moreover, Mr. Roßbach is amazed by the outstanding example of international teamwork: “A Chilean physiotherapist helps a German physiotherapist to enter the wider world of science.”

Dr. Falla sees a bright future ahead for the 33-year-old PhD candidate, noting: “At this early stage of his career, he already has three publications in international peer-reviewed journals, including top journals in the fields of sports science and neuroscience. Moreover, he has delivered a number of presentations at international congresses I cannot think of another person more deserving of a DAAD prize than him.”

On behalf of the whole university, we congratulate him and wish him all the best for his future scientific career.

Photo: Karla Fritze

DAAD-Preis 2015

für Muazzamhon Abdurazokova


DAAD-Preis 2014

für Leo Wamwanduka