Partnerships in priority countries/regions

The University of Potsdam’s higher education partnerships consist on one hand of long-established partnerships, and on the other hand the university is building up relationships with institutions of higher education that are located primarily in the priority countries/regions identified by the Executive Board: Russia, Poland, France, Turkey, Central and South America, Australia, Israel, Southern Africa and the USA. In these priority countries/regions regions, selected university will be subject to a further buidling and broadening of cooperation with Potsdam in the coming years.

These cooperations combine international experience and activity focal points of the University Potsdam, in order to facilitate international exchange through constituting harmonisation and coordination-frameworks. This will inure to the benefit of all members of the university. Strategic partnerships are tied to the development-goals of the university and offer institutional support through exchange of knowledge and experience, common development of concepts and programs, organization of third-party funds, international benchmarking and networking.

Current resolutions from the Executive Board regarding Russian  universities

The University of Potsdam has suspended its partnerships with Russian  universities until further notice due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine in violation of international law. There is currently no cooperation with these universities (Resolutions from the Executive Board).