Information on internships and Corona

Typewriter with paper reading COVID19
Photo: - ©Markus Winkler

It is still true during semesters affected by the coronavirus: A stay abroad is a great asset to your personal, academic, and professional development! To encourage you to spend time abroad (even online), we have compiled the most important information for you.

Reasons for an internship abroad despite COVID-19

Reason no. 1: Documentary evidence of an internship abroad

Reason no. 2: Special competencies and professional perspectives

Reason no. 3: New formats, new possibilities

Tips for your internship abroad despite COVID-19

Tip no. 1: Long-term planning, short-term reactions

Tip no. 2: Showcase your open-mindedness and flexibility

Tip no. 3: Tip No. 3: Get in touch with other students

Common concerns around internships during COVID-19

Concern no. 1: Can I even go abroad at the moment?

Concern no. 2: What are the risks?

Concern no. 3: What do you need to consider in terms of organization?

Concern no. 4: Can I complete an Erasmus+ internship from home?

Concern no. 5: I have recently graduated and would like to do an internship abroad. I had to postpone my internship because of the pandemic and it has been more than the required maximum of 12 months since my graduation - what can I do?

Concern no. 6: Can I currently apply for DAAD scholarships?

Concern no. 7: Can I still receive Auslands-BAföG (Federal financial aid for periods abroad)?