Information on Erasmus+ and Corona

Typewriter with paper reading COVID19
Photo: - ©Markus Winkler

Reasons for an Erasmus semester despite COVID

Reason no. 1: This does not have to be your only chance to study abroad with Erasmus+!

Reason no. 2: New formats, new possibilities

Reason no. 3: Special competencies and professional perspectives

Tips for your stay abroad with Erasmus+ despite COVID

Tip no. 1: Long-term planning, short-term reactions

Tip no. 2: Showcase your open-mindedness and flexibility

Tip no. 3: Get in touch with other students

Common concerns around Erasmus+ during COVID

Concern no. 1: Is an Erasmus trip even possible?

Concern no. 2: What are the risks?

Concern no. 3: What you need to consider in terms of organization

Concern no. 4: Recognition of credits gained abroad and language acquisition

Concern no. 5: Funding for (non-)physical stays