Excursion "In Fontane´s foot steps"

Dear international students,


We would like to invite you on May 31st to a literature walk "In Fontane´s foot steps" to Neuruppin with a following exhibition-visit.

To keep a good mood during our way to Neuruppin, we made a small quiz and here are first teaser questions:

What have a first mate, a pear tree and a pharmacist in common?

What have restrooms to do with a small village in Brandenburg?

Which famous novel was called a "gruesome history of a whore" by a publisher?


We are glad to welcome you!


Best regards,

Your International Office Team

Please, register via an online registration form. Due to the fact, that the number of participants is limited, we would kindly ask you to register at least 5 days before the event. Please, take into account, that the excursion will be held in German.

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