Aid for quarantine-related expenditures of international students and international PhD-students of the University of Potsdam

International students and international PhD students who are obliged to go into mandatory quarantine are to be provided with fast and unbureaucratic aid to cover additional costs for the domestic quarantine. This includes grants for increased costs of accommodation as well as expenditures for the issuing of a medical certificate to shorten the quarantine.

Who can apply?

Only international students and international PhD students (who did not obtain their university entrance qualification in Germany or at a German school abroad) of the University of Potsdam may apply.


  • Proof of the mandatory quarantine, pursuant to the “SARS-CoV-2-Quarantäneverordnung” (for instance flight tickers showing the date and place of arrival)
  • Proof of increased expenditures for instance for individual quarantine accommodation (by presenting proof of payments made) or additional costs for medical examinations
  • Please note: Costs for your usual rent won’t be taken into account
  • There might be special regulations for students who spend their mandatory quarantine in the student dormatories Frankfurt Oder


Scope of financial aid:

If approved, non-recurring support will be granted for the following funding areas (maximum EUR 500):

  • Additional costs for medical examinations/testing
  • Additional expenditures for quarantine accommodation (max. 40 Euros/night)

Application process:

If you meet the requirements, please send the following documents (by post) to the International Office:

1.    Your enrollment certificate/ Your proof of studying at the University of Potsdam
2.    Proof of the mandatory quarantine (for instance a flight ticket or confirmation of the public health office)
3.    Proof of increased expenditures: Invoice for the accommodation/ invoice for the medical examination as well as proof of payment of these invoices (for instance via bank account statement)
4.    The application form “Application for the aid for quarantine-related expenditures of international students and international PhD students of the University of Potsdam“ (signed original)

An application is also possible retroactively for all students and PhD students who arrived during the winter semester. Applications can be filed until the 31.12.2021.

Please note: We will only consider complete applications including all necessary documentation.