Financial support for student volontary projects

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Helping together

We are currently experiencing a great wave of support to help people affected by war and flight and we see how necessary voluntary work is to maintain social interaction in times of crisis and to give the best possible welcome and security to the people affected. This happens every day and in many different ways. Whether it is through fundraising campaigns, the provision of housing, support in authorities, translation services or advice on everyday problems in the still foreign country.

The University of Potsdam would like to support some of those student projects that focus on the care of refugees from Ukraine. We provide the projects and initiatives (depending on the availability of our funds) with a cost subsidy of max. 3.000,00 EURper application.

Examples include:

  • Language learning opportunities in German and English
  • Support for integration into the German school and university system, such as preparation for university studies in the form of buddy projects or "peer to peer" counseling
  • Accompanying refugees to offices and authorities


If you would like to develop and implement such initiatives or are already doing so and would like to apply for financial support, please contact the International Office of the University of Potsdam with a project outline.

Your project outline should include the following:

  • Content description of the project
  • Planned implementation period
  • Number of participants who will benefit from the project
  • Number of students at the University of Potsdam who will carry out the project
  • Amount requested and for what purpose the funds will be used

Please send your informal application by email to:

Universität Potsdam

International Office

Dr. Regina Neum-Flux

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Applicants will receive a message within 14 days.

Currently, we are only funding projects that will be implemented in 2022. We are trying to raise additional funds.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Regina Neum-Flux.