Local students volunteering as Buddy

You are not a native German speaker but have been studying in Potsdam for long enough to know your way around? You want to help other internationals get accustomed to the German way of living and studying? Maybe you were an international buddy yourself once and now want to pass on your knowledge? Then please don't hesitate to also register as a local volunteer.

The goal of the buddy program is primarily to make it easier for internationals to dive into their studies in Potsdam as soon as possible. Especially during the first few weeks it is highly beneficial for our newly arrived guests to have someone to reach out to and ask questions revolving around life in Potsdam. In return, you get the chance to meet new people and learn about cultures from all around the world and maybe even gain valuable contacts for your career and social life. If you want, you can hand in a partipication report about your engagement as a buddy and receive a certificate in return.

You will be either matched with an exchange student (e.g. students who come to Potsdam with a program like Erasmus for 1-2 semesters) or degree-seeking student (international students who will do their whole bachelor's or master's degree in Potsdam).

When registering for the Buddy Program, you will have the possibility to express all kinds of preferences concerning your future buddy. We have information on participants' subject, age, sex, native language and interest/hobbies, and we will try to regard wishes concerning those as well as possible. However, the most significant criterion for a successful buddy assistance is a similar subject and campus.  Therefore we cannot guarantee respecting all requests.

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Online Registration

Here you can apply for the Buddy Program for the summer semester 2023. After your registration, you will be able to access the form.

Your responsibilities as local buddy

Responsibilities of a local buddy

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Credit and Certification

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Buddy Certificate

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