Mikrofon im Tonstudio
    Bild: Pixabay

    The popularity of podcasts is steadily increasing and the so-called "podcasting" is becoming more and more popular in university teaching. It is an innovative instrument to make knowledge available independent of time and place. The podcasts will provide insights into everyday life in science or portraits of scientists. Here, too, the main focus will be on socially relevant topics.


    Bild Listen.UP

    Listen.UP-The new Podcast on knowledge and technology transfer at the University of Potsdam

    At "Listen.UP", scientists talk about their research and raise awareness of the social and economic importance of innovations from science. Image: Julia Depis

    Unter 2 Grad. Der KlimAgrar Transferpodcast

    At "Unter 2 Grad. Der KlimAgrar Transferpodcast", scientists from the "KlimAgrar" project talk about their work in the fields of soil, crop production and animal husbandry. Image:A. Frey,S. Krengel

    Schwarzweiss-Aufnahme von Sabine Rieder und Anne Frey aus der Innovativen Hochschule

    Was bin ich? Berufsbilder im Transfer

    In our podcast "Was bin ich? Berufsbilder im Transfer" we would like to make occupational fields in transfer visible. Photo: Daniela Grossmann