Team IOE

First row (f.l.t.r.): Johanna Horn, Gülay Teke, Insa Grüttgen, Karin Salzberg-Ludwig, Katharina Fehn-Winterling, Sarah Siebenson, Michel Knigge

Second row (f.l.t.r.): Christian Jäntsch, Clara Margull, Scarlett Kobs, Franziska Rogge, Iris Schwarz

Third row (f.l.t.r..): Jochen Kleres, Karsten Krauskopf, Hagen Peuschel

additional associates (not seen on photo):  Martin Dege, Olga Dobriakova, Saskia Opalinski, Simon Wagner

Notes on qualification work

If you would like to write your Bachelor, Master or other qualification work in our working group, please write an e-mail to ioe-quali-arbeituni-potsdamde. Please indicate briefly and concisely whether, and if so, what kind of preliminary discussions already took place and how your ideas look like. Please note that qualification work in our group usually has to include a separate empirical part. You can download the following files for further information on completing the final thesis, but unfortunately these are only available in German.

Guidelines for thesis work

Guidelines for thesis (short version)

Iris Schwarz



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