Professionalization of prospective teachers in the field of inclusion

Within the framework of the courses accompanying the internship in pedagogical-psychological fields of action (PppH), the seminar on pedagogical interaction in school and lessons (PIUS), and the lecture on the introduction to inclusive education, students of the teaching profession for secondary education at the University of Potsdam are introduced to a concept of explorative learning. This concept supports the professionalization of the students in two ways.

  • It serves to build an attitude of research as well as the related development of research competences. The acquisition of competences takes place, for example, through independent scientific observations, the casework as well as the critical-reflexive examination of those experienced and perceived situations.
  • Furthermore, the concept promotes the development of convictions, knowledge and skills that are important for the process of professionalization in the context of inclusive education, using evidence-based methods.


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