Professional background

Since 2019

Research Associate at the Professorship for Inclusion and Organizational Development (Prof. Dr. Knigge) at the University of Potsdam

Since 2014

Academic assistant at the Institute for Educational Science, Department of Education Research and School Development (Prof. Dr. Wolfram Rollett) and at the Center for Teacher Training (Dr. Patrick Blumschein) of the Freiburg University of Education (Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg) 

2010 – 2019

Promotion at the University of Erfurt; Topic: Aspects of professional competence of teachers in the context of inclusion. Inclusion-related attitudes and job-related self-efficacy expectations of teachers in Germany and Finland in an international comparison. (submission of paper 11/2018, disputation expected 05/2019)

2010 – 2011

Research Assistant in the Department of School Pedagogy/School Research (Prof. Dr. Angelika Paseka) at the University of Hamburg

2009 – 2014

Freelance work in the field of educational research

2008 – 2013

Lecturer at the University of Erfurt

2007 – 2008

Research associate at the Department of Special and Social Pedagogy at the University of Erfurt, specialising in pedagogy for learning disabilities (Prof. Dr. Rainer Benkmann)

2006 – 2010

Study of Educational Science (Master of Arts degree)

2002 – 2006

Studies of educational science (major subject) and teaching, learning and training psychology (minor subject) at the University of Erfurt (Bachelor of Arts degree)