Professional background

Since 10/2018

Spokesperson of the Structural Unit Educational Science


Member of the consortium (conjointly with Nadine Spörer and Antje Ehlert) for the evaluation project funded by the state of Brandenburg for the expansion of the common learning and the introduction of school centers in the state of Brandenburg


Project leader of the sub-project Brandenburg in the BMBF-promoted project network "Schule tatsächlich inklusiv - Evidenzbasierte modulare Weiterbildung für praktizierende Lehr- und andere pädagogische Fachkräfte (StiEL)" (Partner: PH Freiburg (Joint Management and Subproject Baden-Württemberg: Prof. Uwe Bittlingmayer, Prof. Andreas Köpfer, Prof. Katja Scharenberg) & University Bielefeld (subproject North Rhine-Westphalia: Prof. Ullrich Bauer)

Since 10/2016

Spokesperson of the Department for Educational Science

Since 04/2015

University of Potsdam: Professorship of Inclusion and Organisation Development


Principal investigator in the BMBF-promoted project "Mehrsprachigkeitsentwicklung im Zeitverlauf (MEZ)" [Multilingual development: a longitudinal perspective (MEZ)]

2013 - 2015

Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg: Professorship of Educational Psychology in the field of Educational Science (acting in place of Frau Prof. Dr. Claudia Dalbert (during this time member of the Landtag in the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt and Chairwoman of "BÜNDNIS90/ DIE GRÜNEN"))


University of Hamburg: Principal investigator of the Landes­exzellenz­cluster Linguistic Diversity Management in Urban Areas (LiMA): Lima Panel Study (LiPS), Lima Video Study (LiViS)


University of Hamburg: Professorship of Educational Psychology in the field of Educational Science (acting in place of Frau Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Mielke (during this time Vice President of the University of Hamburg))


Positive Evaluation of the Research Data Centre (FD) at the Institute for Educational Quality Improvement (IQB)


Institute for Educational Quality Improvement (IQB), at that time affiliated to the Humboldt University of Berlin: Head of the Research Data Centre (FDZ) (Prof. Olaf Köller, Prof. Anand Pant and Prof. Petra Stanat)


Free University of Berlin: Doctorate in Psychology (degree: Dr. phil.); "Selbstbezogene Kognitionen bei Hauptschülerinnen und Hauptschülern" [Self-related cognitions of students of the Hauptschule] (Prof. Bettina Hannover und Prof. Olaf Köller)


Free University of Berlin: School and Education Research; Research Associate (Prof. Bettina Hannover)


Charité Berlin: Working Group "Prüfungen im Reformstudiengang Medizin"[Exams in the reformed curriculum studies of medicine]; Research Associate (Prof. Walter Burger)


Technical University of Berlin: Diploma in psychology; Diploma thesis: "Psychologische und soziale Determinanten der Studienintention" [Psychological and social determinants of the intention for higher university education] (Prof. Arnold Upmeyer, Prof. Olaf Köller)


Technical University of Berlin: Tutor for Social und Environmental Psychology (Prof. Hans-Joachim Harloff)


Universidad de la Laguna, Spain: ERASMUS scholarship for Psychologie


Max Planck Institute for Human Development: TIMMS and BIJU; Student assistant (Prof. Ingmar Hosenfeld, Prof. Marten Clausen)


Technical University of Berlin: Studies of psychology; Focus: social-, clinical and educational psychology