Research at the IME Chair

Our research is marked by a diversity of subjects from the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship that lead to first class research cooperations through the application of qualitative and quantitative state-of-the-art methods to current issues from research and practice. Our research projects are closely linked to practice and are financially supported by both public and private funds. Our research results are regularly presented at international conferences. In addition, the results are incorporated into our teaching and makes it possible to gain especially talented and interested students for the work on our projects.

Research Partner

Research focus

Current research project

Entrepreneurship Academy (EXIST IV)

Academic direction: Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle

Project partner: Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy & Potsdam Transfer 

Project description

The Entrepreneurship Academy consists of innovative start-up education provided by both affiliates of the university as well as regional research institutes. The entrepreneurship academy has the aim of teaching an entrepreneurial mindset, to systematically encourage entrepreneurial talent and to support technology oriented start-ups in collaboration with Potsdam Transfer.

A prominent methodological pillar of the program is the design thinking method and the focus on the entrepreneurial team’s early, idea-finding phase. Further elements of the entrepreneurship education include entrepreneurial marketing, entrepreneurial finance and social entrepreneurship.