_Gemeinsam digital launches online self-analysis tool

The IME-Team offers small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to analyze their own state of digitalization, gives tailored recommendations and proposes further steps.

_Gemeinsam digital

About the Project

The Chair of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (IME) of the University of Potsdam supports the digitalization of small and medium sized companies as part of the “Mittelstand 4.0” Competence Center Berlin and its project "_Gemeinsam digital." The project is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) as part of the initiative “Mittelstand Digital”.

Within the scope of the project, small and medium sized companies from Berlin and Brandenburg can

  • receive information,
  • benefit from workshops and training, and
  • participate in implementation projects.

Furthermore, small and medium sized companies that have not yet dealt with digitalization are being made aware of that topic. All offers of the Competence Center are free of charge for the participants.

Our Focus at '_Gemeinsam digital'

The IME project team has developed a self-assessment tool for small and medium sized companies with which they can assess their digitalization level. Companies can examine aspects such as their processes, their business model, and their organizational culture regarding their level of digitalization and its implementation. Upon completion of the assessment, they receive a report about their level of digitalization including a benchmark of organizations of similar size from the same sector. The tool also makes recommendations for actions based on the self-assessment results. By reapplying the tool, companies can check the success rate of the measures they have implemented in between the assessments.

Besides the assessment of the level of digitalization, the IME project team is responsible for the evaluation of all measures offered by the Competence Center. Conducting interviews is the basis for the continuous improvement process and allows for an adequate alignment and advancement of the recommended measures. Furthermore, the interviews are important to allow for an estimate of the effectiveness of various offers. The digitalization of small and medium sized companies should be tracked in the long term and the observed changes should be associated with the effectiveness of the project.

Moreover, the University of Potsdam is responsible for the topic “Human Resources and Organizational Development”. The IME offers digitalization support with regard to topics such as recruiting, employer branding, organizational development, and transformation management.

The “Mittelstand 4.0” Competence Center Berlin is a project conducted by a number of partners with the aim of helping with the digitalization of small and medium sized companies. The project partners are:

Do you have ideas, questions, or suggestions for us? Would you like to contact us? The IME project team is looking forward to entering into a dialogue with you.

Please visit the homepage of the project for further information: www.gemeinsam-digital.de



SME 4.0 Evaluation Workshop – IME talks about Impact Evaluation @ WIK

On January 17th, IME was in Bad Honnef at the evaluation workshop of the M4.0 Competence Centers and lectured on impact evaluation. The evaluation of outcome and cost-effectiveness were also topics.

Work 4.0 - Working Group Meeting

On January 16th, the M4.0-Competence Centers met in Paderborn on the topic of Work 4.0. They highlighted the topic’s relevance as well as their activities for SME and visited the Heinz-Nixdorf Museum.





Step by step to digital pioneer

On October 17th we invite small and medium-sized enterprises to our first Digitalcheck Workshop in Potsdam. During that workshop we offer SMEs an opportunity and framework to discuss their digital maturity and develop further steps to reach their next digital maturity level.

3 Years _Gemeinsam digital: Competence Centre Berlin 4.0 at a glance!

Facts and figures about the achievements of _Gemeinsam digital. 93% recommendation and 91% satisfaction rate shows how well SMEs perceive the work of the Berlin Competence Center 4.0.

 _Gemeinsam digital extended for another two years until April 2021

The mittelstand 4.0 competence center Berlin is funded by the BMWi. The IME-Team of three has been responsible for evaluation of the project from the beginning. The project team also has to offer workshops now.

Happy New Year

Dear Employers, Friends, Students and Partners,

We wish you a happy Christmas holiday and best wishes for a Happy New Year 2019. 

Work 4.0 - An exchange with IG Metall, Plattform Industrie 4.0 and other competence centers

Fabian Gerhardt und Oliver Kullik discussed for the Mittelstand 4.0 Kompetenzzentrum Berlin last week in Chemnitz how the Mittelstand can be supported for the future of the working world.

gefördert durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft