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  • Professur Innovationsmanagement und Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the website of the Chair of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

The IME chair is wishing everyone a happy festive season

For this year's advent excursion the IME chair visited the Siemens gas turbine factory in Berlin and learned about innovative production methods and materials used for heavy-duty gas turbines.

IME @ the German Sustainability Award in Düsseldorf

Fabian Gerhardt took part in the Congress to grant the German Sustainability Award and to discuss topics in the context of Sustainability, Digitalization and Entreprenuership.

IME @ Conference for Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business in Toledo

Leonhard Gebhardt and Fabian Gerhardt presented their research on corporate processes in sustainable startups in Berlin at RENT 2018 in Toledo, Spain.

Source: Andreas Klaer

Appointment of Professor Katharina Hölzle to the Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation

On July 1, 2018, the Federal Minister of Education and Research, Anja Karliczek, has appointed Professor Katharina Hölzle as a new member of the Expert Commission on Research and Innovation (EFI) for the next four years.

EFI provides the Federal Government with scientific policy advice on research, innovation, and Germany's technological performance. According to its statutes, the EFI is composed of up to six scientific experts with specialized knowledge, experience, and international recognition in innovation research. Since 2008, EFI has been submitting an annual report to the Federal Government and Parliament with analyses and recommendations regarding the German research and innovation system.

The current annual report of EFI and the press release on the appointment of Professor Hölzle are available at https://www.e-fi.de/presse/.

Source: Andreas Klaer

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Antony Jay,

"The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions. "

Antony Jay,

"The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions. "