Nastasja Grdseloff

Nastasja Grdseloff
Photo: Jeanne Mora Garcia

Ph.D. student in Zoophysiology Group 

Department of Biochemistry & Biology

University of Potsdam

Phone: (0331) 977 5523

Email: grdseloffuni-potsdamde


Nastasja Grdseloff
Photo: Jeanne Mora Garcia


Master of Science in Engineering, 2019

Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, Austria

Bachelor of Science, 2015

Biomedicine and Biotechnology

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria



In the framework of the MSCA Innovative Training Network V.A. Cure, I am investigating the tissular mechanisms of vascular anomalies using the zebrafish as an animal model. In particular, I am interested in Cerebral Cavernous Malformations (CCM), a pathology where timing and site-specificity of disease onset are not yet well understood. Here, I am focusing on the role of biomechanical parameters and their influence on molecular processes involved in the disease as well as in physiological conditions.