Bacteriophages - Dr. Nina Bröker and Dr. Stefanie Barbirz

The bacterial outer membrane is the main target for many antibiotic therapies. However, emerging antibiotic resistances require new strategies against bacterial pathogens, for example killing of bacteria with bacteriophage-based agents or inhibiting bacterial adhesion to host cells and abiotic surfaces. Gram-negative bacteria are amongst the major pathogens to combat, especially as already resistances to last resort antibiotics have occurred. Here, bacteriophages have come back into research focus in recent years as new antimicrobial tools. In our group we focus on in vitro techniques to analyze early steps of bacteriophage infection. Key questions of our research are the molecular mechanisms of bacteriophage infection at the Gram-negative bacterial outer membrane with special emphasis on bacteriophages recognizing lipopolysaccharide receptors.

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