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Elisabeth Hempel
PhD student
Evolutionary  Adaptive Genomics Group
Department of Biochemistry & Biology
University of Potsdam
Haus 29, Raum 2.69
Email: elis.hempelposteoorg
Phone: +49 (0) 331 977 2643

MSc Organismic Biology, Philipps University Marburg, Germany
BSc Biology, Philipps University Marburg, Germany

Research interests

My main research interests are African bovids and paleogenomics. I am a joint PhD student at the University of Potsdam and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. In my PhD I use ancient/archival DNA and next-generation sequencing technology to investigate the Holocene and Pleistocene evolutionary history and phylogeographic structure of the different members of the tribe Hippotragini (Addax, Oryx and Hippotragus), extant as well as extinct. For this I conducted sampling expeditions to museum collections around Europe and South Africa to sample skulls, bones, teeth, skin etc. I am particularly interested in the blue antelope (Hippotragus leucophaeus) and its early extinction. In addition, I am investigating the current and former diversity of the most arid adapted antelope: the addax (Addax nasomaculatus) and the population history of the genus Oryx.

You can also find my research on Research Gate:


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