Maximus Tochukwu Anochirim – MSc Student

Maximus Anochirim
Source: Maximus Tochukwu Anochirim


University of Potsdam

Biodiversity Research / Systematic Botany
Maulbeerallee 1
14469 Potsdam, Germany


Phone:  +4915737802374





2nd Affiliation:

Institut für Botanik und Landschaftsökologie

Universität Greifswald

17489, Germany

Maximus Anochirim
Source: Maximus Tochukwu Anochirim


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Current Project(s)

I am currently conducting my master thesis in the GreenGaDe project  where I am assessing the composition, structure and diversity of plants (woody and non-woody components) across different land-use types in two of West Africa’s major ecological zone.



Research Interests

  • Tropical ecology
  • Vegetation ecology
  • Functional traits ecology



Education and Experience


Since 2020 Universität Greifswald/MSc in Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation

20102015 Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Nigeria/BSc in Forestry and Wildlife Management