Larissa Raatz (born Schaub) - PhD Student

Larissa Raatz
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University of Potsdam 

Biodiversity Research / Systematic Botany
Maulbeerallee 1
14469 Potsdam, Germany 

Phone: 0049 (0)331 / 977-1939

Larissa Raatz
Photo: private

Research interests

  • Biodiversity and its functions in agricultural landscapes
  • Effects of landscape elements and landscape heterogeneity on yield, its pathogens and pest predators
  • Ecosystem services in agro-ecosystems mediated from above- as well as belowground organisms


Current project

BiodivERsA/FACCE-JPI 2013-2014 Balancing Agro-ecosystem Services In Landscapes (BASIL)


My PhD deals with the impact of landscape elements (mainly hedgerows and kettle holes) and landscape heterogeneity on biodiversity and its functions related to yield outcomes of winter wheat. In particular, I am looking at abundances and functional rates of wheat pests, their natural pest predators (above- and belowground) and their linkage to wheat yield.




Education and Experience


Since 2015

PhD student in BiodivERsA/FACCE-JPI 2013-2014

Balancing Agro-ecosystem Services In Landscapes (BASIL)

under supervision of Prof. Dr. Jasmin Joshi and Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherber

University of Potsdam

  • 2018 – 2020 Research Assistant, Group of Biodiversity Research and Systematic Botany, University of Potsdam
  • 2017 – 2018 Research Assistant, Group of Animal Ecology and multitrophic interactions, University of Münster
  • 2015 – 2017 Research Assistant, Group of Biodiversity Research and Systematic Botany, University of Potsdam
  • Maternity leave in 2017 (8 months) and 2019/2020 (10 months)


2015 – 2019

Guest researcher in Group of Fungal Interactions,

Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), Müncheberg

2015 – 2018

Assiociated PhD student in BioMove RTG (Integrating Biodiversity Research with Movement Ecology in Dynamic Agricultural Landscapes),

University of Potsdam

  • 2018 Co-organizer, BioMove Symposium, Potsdam



Research Assistant, Global Soil Forum,

Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), Potsdam.

  • Project and event management, controlling and finances


Student research assistant Group of Plant Ecology,

Freie Universität Berlin

2011 – 2014

Master of Science, Ecology, Evolution and Conservation,

University of Potsdam

2010 – 2011


Student research assistant, Transcript Profiling Group,

Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology, Potsdam

2008 – 2011

Bachelor of Science, Life Science,

University of Potsdam




Workshops as part of the Basic Module program ’Management Skills for Research and University’, Potsdam Graduate School (PoGS)

  • Proposal Training & Financial and Legal Issues
  • Project Management
  • Future-oriented Leadership & Team Development
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution


2015 – 2018

Workshops as part of the BioMove RTG, University of Potsdam

  • Defense Training
  • Biodiversity Workshop
  • Scientific Writing
  • Science Communication
  • GIS basics & Remote sensing
  • Data Management
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Concepts in movement ecology and biodiversity research



Workshops as part of the coaching program for PhDs,  

Potsdam Graduate School (PoGS)

  • Project, time and self management
  • Logic and Argumentation
  • Managing your Supervisor - Rights & duties of doctoral students
  • Conversation management
  • Career strategies and career planning
  • Networking and financing strategies


Teaching and Supervision

2018 – 2019

Seminar, Guidance for scientific work, University of Potsdam



Monika Prause (Master), University of Potsdam

The effect of landscape and natural landscape elements on Arthropods,

especially on Carabids in the Uckermark



Bianca Wernicke (Master), University of Potsdam

For a better understanding of agro-ecosystems - The effect of landscape diversity on herbivory, granivory and arable weeds


Gregor Kablitz (Bachelor), University of Potsdam

The impact of landscape diversity on the abundance of earthworms



Sami Jabali (Bachelor), University of Potsdam

The impact of kettle holes on the soil mesofauna in agricultural landscapes







Raatz, L., Bacchi, N., Pirhofer Walzl, K., Glemnitz, M., Müller, M. E., Joshi, J. &

Scherber, C. (2019). How much do we really lose? — Yield losses in the proximity of

natural landscape elements in agricultural landscapes. Ecology and Evolution, 9(13),




Poster, BioMove RTG Evaluation for second funding phase, Potsdam.

Raatz, L., Pirhofer Walzl, K., Glemnitz, M., Müller, M., Scherber, C. & Joshi, J. Services and disservices of natural landscape elements for winter wheat yield and associated organism group



Talk, Landscape, Berlin.

Schaub, L., Pirhofer-Walzl, K., Müller, M., Platen, R., Joshi, J. & Glemnitz, M. Measuring biodiversity driven ecosystem functions at the landscape scale - Impacts of landscape heterogeneity, natural habitats and land use


Invited Talk, Cultural landscape: where from, where to, what for. Current research on ecology, development dynamics and sustainability, Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein zu Bremen.

Schaub, L. Winter wheat and landscape: Research on diversity as a yield factor in Brandenburg



Talk, Joint Annual Meeting BES, GfÖ and NecoV, Ghent, Belgien.

Schaub, L., Pirhofer-Walzl, K., Scherber, C., & Joshi, J. How much does landscape diversitycontribute to yield in winter-wheat fields?



Talk, Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Germany (GfÖ), Marburg.

Schaub, L., Pirhofer-Walzl, K., Scherber, C., & Joshi, J. Do soil-borne ecosystem services react to landscape diversity in agriculture?



Poster, Annual Meeting British Ecological Society (BES), Edinburgh, Great Britain.

Schaub, L., Jabali, S., Pirhofer-Walzl, K., Scherber, C., & Joshi, J. How to assess ecosystem services at a landscape scale?


Booth, International Fair of the Global Soil Week, Berlin.

Schaub, L., Pirhofer-Walzl, K., Olschewski, R., Alvaro Fuentes, J., Fontaine, S., Kayler, Z. E., Petermann, J., Rillig, M.C., Voltas, J., Scherber, C., & Joshi, J. BASIL - Balancing Ecosystem Services in Landscape - A call on ’Promoting synergies and reducing trade-offs between food supply, biodiversity and ecosystem services’



Poster,GfÖ Working Group Population Biology of Plants (PopBio), Konstanz.

Schaub, L., Heinze, J. & Joshi, J. Impact of agricultural practices on plant-soil feedbacks.

Schaub, L., Timm-Berger, H., Heinze, J.  & Joshi, J. A. Allelopathic potential of Robinia pseudoacacia L.