April 2021

We have successfully installed our new Falcon III camera and completed 2 days training, delivered by Thermo Fischer. 

March 2021

We welcome back Eric Mark, now as a PhD student!

Feburary 2021

We congratulate Thomas Bick on his publication of: Construction of Highly Ordered Glyco-Inside Nano-Assemblies through RAFT Dispersion Polymerization of Galactose-decorated Monomer in Angewandte Chemie. ( Qiu L., H. Zhang, T. Bick, J. Martin, P. Wendler, A. Böker, U. Glebe, C. Xing (2021).

January 2021

We warmly welcome Dr. Saša Petrović as our new Postdoc!

October 2020

We say goodbye to our post-doctoral student Dr. Yulia Ilina and we thank you for the time together, fond memories and engaging discussions.

July 2020

We just recieved the our new SpectroLight 600/610 from xtal concepts. It will be used to optimize the biochemical conditions for grid preparation for electron microscopy - also for membrane proteins.

June 2020

We tested and then acquired a double-cryo holder supplied to us by SimpleOrigin, after successful tests.

May 2020

We partially open labs and offices up after 1 month in isolation, due to the covid-19 epidemic. We continue to wear personal protective equipment and maintain social distancing.

We welcome our new PhD student James Thorne-Wallis who will work in cooperation with the research group of Prof. Holger Dobbek’s on a project collaberation in the UniSysCat excellence cluster and further work on FDH.

April 2020

Due to the increasing spread of covid-19 and health concerns for members of the lab, the decision was made, by the university of Potsdam, to completely shut down all laboratory work and partially close down office spaces. Lab members continued to work remotely from home.

We are very pleased to announce a paper on "Cryo-EM structures reveal intricate Fe-S cluster arrangement and charging in Rhodobacter capsulatus formate dehydrogenase." paper was published by Petra and Christin, in Nature Communications.

January 2020

The lab completed a one week intense training on our Talos F200C electron microscope provided by Thermo Fisher. We are happy to finally start doing electron microscopy in our lab.

December 2019

The set-up of our Talos F200C electron microscope is completed. We are excited to start operating in 2020, investigating various interesting proteins.

September 2019

Our electron microscope, a Talos F200C from Thermo Fisher, has been delivered. The device is financed by a grant from the DFG.


We congratulate Yulia on the defense of her dissertation "Structural characterization of Ni-containing metalloenzymes from archaea by X-ray crystallography and transmission electron microscopy" achieving summa cum laude.

Eric Mark successfully completed a six-week practical course in the module "Synthetic Biology" in ou lab.

August 2019

We warmly welcome Yulia Ilina as our new post doc!

Further we welcome our new PhD student Thomas Bick who will work in cooperation with the research group of Prof. Hegemann on a project embedded in the UniSysCat excellence cluster.

The review "Structural Mapping of Missense Mutations in the Pex1/Pex6 Complex", written by Petra and Anne was just published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.


July 2019

We say goodbye to our post doc Dr. Paul Saffert. Thank you for three years of working together filled with stimulating discussions.

Petra, Christin and Andrew participated in the MoTEC 2019 - XI Molybdenum & Tungsten Enzyme Conference in Potsdam. Petra furthermore gave a talk presenting some of our latest research results.

May 2019

We develop our lab to conduct cryo electron microscopy: Our plunger, an EM GP2 from Leica, and our plasma oven, a Zepto from Diener, arrived and are up and running.

The review "Nuclear Transport of Yeast Proteasomes" , written by Petra and Cordula Enenkel was published in Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences.


We congratulate André Schiller on the successful completion of his Bachelor's thesis titled "Strukturelle Analyse des proteasomalen 15S Vorläuferkomplexes aus S. cerevisiae mittels Elektronenmikroskopie".

April 2019

Christin visited the Icknield Workshop: "Model Building and Refinement using cryo-EM Maps".

March 2019

Mirjam Höchel successfully completed a four-week practical course in our lab.

February 2019

We say goodbye to our technical assistant Alina Lorenz. Thank you for the wonderful teamwork and time.

Adrianna Zygmunt successfully completed her four-month research stay facilitated by the Erasmus program. We wish her all the best for her studies ahead.

The faculty has acquired a new teaching server. Now master students of the University of Potsdam have the opportunity to gather experience with acquisition and processing of electron microscopic data in the module "Cryo Electron Microscopy in Structural Biology".

December 2018

We have enlarged our pool of devices with a brand new Äkta Pure system. We are excited about the new possibilities towards protein preparation.

September 2018

The excellence initiative UniSysCat has been renewed and we are part off it!