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Photo: Thomas Schoch (creativecommons.org)

Experimental Histories and Alternative Archives

Joint project with the University of Technology, Sydney (2015-2016)

Funding body: DAAD

Debates about the past have been a source of vigorous contestation in both Germany and Australia. Both countries have had their version of history wars and those debates have informed each other and mobilised similar political oppositions. Since both countries share a concern with sustaining the relevance of the meaning of past actions in the present, the turn to other forms of knowledge practices relating to the past is timely and of a significance that goes beyond academic debates.
The idea of experimental histories dovetails with recent attempts to reconceptualise knowledge practices and production. The project brings together scholars from the field of Cultural Studies in Germany and Australia to explore the nexus between experimental historiographical methods and the opening up of alternative possibilities of engaging with the past.

Photo: Thomas Schoch (creativecommons.org)