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Office of the Dean

Head of the faculty

Dean Prof. Dr. Barbara Höhle

Vice-Dean Prof. Dr. Nadine Spörer

Vice-Dean for Young Researchers and Research Prof. Dr. Ralf Engbert

Dean of Studies Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lauterbach


Office of the Dean

Administration  Dr. Roswitha Rudtke

Office for Faculty Affairs  Anne-Katrin Geisle

Budget & Finances  Roswitha Rauhut

Quality Management  Dr. Weronika Buchwald-Thomsa


Research  Anne-Katrin Geisler

Study and Teaching  Iris Lüßen-Koch / Dr. Weronika Buchwald-Thomsa

Structural and Developmental Planning Affairs  Dr. Roswitha Rudtke

Faculty Council, Public Relations & Elections  Ulrike Szameitat


Faculty Appointee:

Internationalisation Prof. Dr. Linda Juang

Library Affairs Prof. Dr. Katrin Böhme


Laboratory Managment / First-Level-Support

Sebastian Kuhn / Beatrice Mix / Hoang Phuong Pham