Individual workshops on e-learning issues will be offered on request and for a sufficient number of participants at the campus Golm.


Here you will find information on the app for first-semester students

eLiS E-Learning in Studienbereichen

eLiS is the biggest of four interdisciplinary projects within the "National Program to Improve the Quality of Teacher Training".

BLuM - Bereich Lehre und Medien

Further training and advisory services supporting the development and structuring of teaching and the use of digital media.

E-Learning at the Faculty

The Faculty of Human Sciences considers e-learning to be an integral part of modern, innovative teaching and thus a task to be implemented in all fields of study. Students have different prior knowledge and learn in different ways. A targeted use of e-learning can help to productively exploit these differences, for example by regularly identifying the students` learning progress and increasing their participation through a wider range of task formats and learning activities. For information on using e-learning applications and assistance in preparing e-learning conceptions and implementations for teaching-learning scenarios, lectures can contact Ms. Berkholz, the Faculty's e-learning coordinator.

Specific advisory services

  • Electronic support for written exams with Schreib.UP (e.g. for identity check)
  • Use of interactive whiteboards for teaching
  • Electronic exams with Moodle
  • Use of videos for teaching
  • Blended learning scenarios
  • Interactivity at major events (use of classroom response systems)
  • Use of learning management systems

Philipp Nern

Tel.: +49 (0) 331 977 -230117

E-Mail: pnernuni-potsdamde

Campus Golm, Haus 35, Raum 1.03