Information for Students on Placement and Recognition of Academic Credentials

Dear students, 

Our Faculty will advise you competently on all issuses relating to placement and recognition of previous academic credentials in the interest of a fair and flexible regcogniton process. Your contact persons are chairpersons of the examining boards, the departmental advisors, and the University's Division of Student Affairs.

* * * Please note that you are obliged to cooperate * * *

It ist in your best interest to completely fill out the forms and attach all necessary documents.

The essential forms are:    Application for Placement          Application for Recognition of Previous Academic Credentials

1. You have already studied at another university and would like to transfer to the University of Potsdam?

2. You are already studying at the University of Potsdam and would like to apply for the recogniton of previous academic credentialsSie sind an der UP immatrikuliert und möchten sich externe Leistungen anerkennen lassen?

3. You would like to transfer to a different examination regulation (also examination version)

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