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Departments of the Faculty of Human Science

Teaching at the Faculty of Sciences is divided into departments that each include different subjects. The departments are also responsible for making their fields visible to students and for presenting and organizing the degree programs.

Structural Unit Cognitive Science

Department of Psychology
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Doris Fay

Linguistics Department
Speaker: Prof. Dr. David Schlangen

Department for Sport and Health Sciences
Speaker: Dr. Berno Bahro

Structural Unit Educational Sciences

Department of Education
Speakers: Prof. Dr. Dirk Richter and Prof. Dr. Rebecca Lazarides

Department of Inclusive Education
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Katrin Böhme and Prof. Dr. Satyam Schramm (deputy)

Department of Aesthetic Education: Arts, Music, Sport Pedagogy
Speakers: Prof. Dr. Christian Thorau and Prof. Dr. Erin Gerlach (deputy)

Department of Primary Education Pedagogics
Speakers: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kempert and Prof. Dr. Guido Nottbusch (deputy)