Research Group "Motor Control and Cognition"

The research group started its work in April 2018.

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Head of Research Group:
Dr. Karsten Werner


Recent Publications

Hess, S., Mousikou, P., & Schroeder, S. (2022). Morphological processing in developmental handwriting production: Evidence from kinematics. Reading and Writing, 35, 899-917. doi:10.1007/s11145-021-10204-y Full text

Sixtus, E., Lindemann, O., & Fischer, M.H. (2020). Stimulating numbers: Signatures of finger counting in numerosity processing. Psychological Research, 84, 152-167. doi:10.1007/s00426-018-0982-y Full text

Werner, K., Raab, M., & Fischer, M.H. (2019): Moving arms: The effects of sensorimotor information on the problem-solving process. Thinking & Reasoning, 25, 171-191. doi:10.1080/13546783.2018.1494630 Full text