Photo: Thomas Roese

You want to really let your hair down and a normal fitness class is not enough for you?  Then you are welcome to the ultimate workout mix. To fresh beats, with the best exercise instructors, we will party for over four hours. Every 20 minutes the fitness trend changes, from Functional Fitness to Mobility to Pound. There is definitely no room for boredom.

This year we are planning to put on the sweaty fun again. In which form the workout mix will take place, we cannot say yet due to the current situation, but we are working highly motivated on possibilities to host the fitness marathon again. You can get the latest information and developments about the Workout Mix here and on our social media channels.

Next date:

summer semester 2022


David Michel

Phone: +49 (0)331 977 1621
E-Mail: damicheluni-potsdamde

Highlights 2019

Many thanks to Michael Bath for the great video.

We would like to inform you that during the event photos and films will be taken which will be used for print and web publications of the University of Potsdam. Please contact the photographers or the members of the film team if you do not agree with the publication.