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Baumdiagramm aus der Potsdamer Baumbank


Potsdam is performing the syntactic annotation of the texts transcribed in Bochum and Halle. The texts are first manually disassembled into sentences, because punctuation marked sentence boundaries in a very unreliable way. The annotation tool “Annotate” is then used to label the texts for word types, phrase structures, and syntactic functions. It offers the opportunity to represent dependencies between constituents through intersecting branches in tree diagrams. This enables us to take into account the frequent occurrence of discontinuous constituents in Early New High German. The labeling of texts for phrase structures and syntactic functions is done manually. Every text segment is annotated by two annotators in a double-keying process, because a regular comparison of the annotation results and a discussion of problems that come up during this process is the only way to guarantee the consistency of syntactic annotation.