Research Projects

Current Projects

Pseudotachylytes of the Alpine fault New Zealand and Antarctica (together with Virginia Toy, University of Dunedin, New Zealand;  Jördis Schuller, M.Timmermann, Roland Oberhänsli University of Potsdam)

Pseudotachylytes of deep crustal – and subduction-related origin 

Formation of Rare earth mineral deposits 

Pegmatites and Rare earth mineralisation in Argentina

Rare earth elements in plants- exploration techniques

Nb-Ta and REE-mineralisation in Colombia 

Geodynamic evolution of the Cordillera Central, Andes, Colombia (Doctoral thesis of Jorge Gómez Tapias, Bogota, Colombia)

Petrological and structural evolution of the Southern Santander massif, Colombia (Doctoral thesis Gloria Ines Rodriguez. Together with, Ana Concha-Perdome, Jimmy Fernandez Lamus, University of Bogota)

Charnockites of Nigeria

Genesis of the emerald deposits, Muzo/Colombia (Doctoral thesis of Jimmy Fernandez Lamus. Together with Ana Concha-Perdomo, University Bogota)

Jurrassic magmatism in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Massiv (together with Monica Vasquez, Potsdam; German Bayona, Bogota; Dennis Quandt, University Potsdam)

Ductile shear zones in SW Sweden (together with Regina Zoitsch University Potsdam; Bettina Richter University Basel;Susanne Seitz, University Lausanne CH)

Mantle shear zones beneath SW Colombia (together with Gloria-Ines Rodriguez, University Bogota

Mineralogy of cultural heritage (together with Käthe Klappenbach SPSG, Potsdam; Torsten Hippler, Roland Oberhänsli, Melanie Lorenz, Martin Ziemann, University Potsdam; Steffen Laue, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam)