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Conference Diner

The conference dinner will be held on Saturday, July 20, 2023. That the social evening takes place on the last day of the conference is somewhat unusual, but has some advantages. The presentations go on until early evening on Saturday anyway, so everybody should plan to stay until Sunday, both because of the talks on Saturday and the conference dinner. Because no one will have to present early in the morning after the conference dinner, we can celebrate in the evening. After work has been done, everybody can enjoy a relaxed conference diner and dance into the night.

The conference dinner will be held at the Schlosshotel Molkenkur. This is located above Heidelberg Castle and offers a wonderful view over the old town, the Neckar valley and the Rhine plain. Getting there is an attraction in itself, as you can take the historic mountain railroad up the Schlossberg.  If the weather is nice, we can have an aperitif on the terrace before having dinner in the hall of mirrors.

After dinner we can sit together with music. In addition, the musical talents of the participants will be presented by performing as a DJ and giving insight into their musical tastes. This will give us reason to dance.

To make sure everyone gets back to their accommodation safely, buses will take you down to the old town. The latest departure will be at 2am.

Cost of the tickets (including diner and drinks until 10pm, bus transfer back to the old town):

  • Regular Participants: 85 €
  • Student Participants: 55 €

In addition, it is possible to buy a party ticket for a price of 15€ and come to the social evening after diner at 10pm.