UNESCO publishes draft "Recommendation on Open Science"

"The Recommendation, developed through an inclusive, consultative, multistakeholder process, is expected to provide the first global standard-setting framework on Open Science."*

"Open scientific knowledge refers to open access to scientific publications, research data, metadata, open educational resources, software, and source code and hardware that are available in the public domain or under copyright and licensed under an open licence that allows access, re-use, repurpose, adaptation and distribution under specific conditions, provided to all actors immediately or as quickly as possible regardless of location, nationality, race, age, gender, income, socio-economic circumstances, career stage, discipline, language, religion, disability, ethnicity or migratory status or any other ground; and free of charge."

- DRAFT TEXT OF THE UNESCO RECOMMENDATION ON OPEN SCIENCEPROVISIONALLY ADOPTED (AS OF 11 MAY 2021), page 10, online at: https://codatz.uah.es/a68b8a0e591f118e.pdf

* https://en.unesco.org/news/draft-recommendation-open-science-its-way-final-adoption



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