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Scientific staff

Florian Scholz
Photo: privat

Dr. Florian Scholz

Phone: +49 (0)331 / 977-3428
Fax: +49 (0)331 / 977-3404
E-mail: florian.a.scholz[at]

Florian Scholz
Photo: privat

Research interests

Florian is interested in team and leadership research on a national and international level in the private and the public sector. He is especially interested in research on solutions to complex leadership challenges. 

 Research activities and projects in collaboration with supervisors, colleagues and students: 

  1. A longitudinal field study on team-work, leadership, team performance and health. Sample: 60 teams, 300+ individuals.
  2. A longitudinal field study on leadership, individual performance, creativity and pro-social behavior. Sample size: 1000+ individuals, 312 supervisors and 700+ followers.
  3. A Longitudinal field study on team-leadership. 68 Teams, 300+ team members.
  4. Laboratory experiment: Ego depletion following visionary vs. directive leadership. Sample: 300+ individuals.
  5. Laboratory experiment: The impact of redundancy on team performance in teams with shared vs. unshared information. 300+ individuals.
  6. Laboratory experiment: Empowering leadership and rejected voice. Sample: 400+ individuals.
  7. A 3-wave longitudinal field study on team-leadership, team prosocial behavior, team performance and leadership efficacy. Sample: 600+ individuals.


Florian has received scholarships in work and organizational psychology as well as in clinical psychology. He has co-authored an article that appeared in the Journal of Business Venturing and written a book chapter in a well-known german clinical psychology textbook. Florian holds two professions. He is a work and organizational psychologist and a trained psychotherapist at the same time, achieving excellent grades within both fields. Florian has worked in the Netherlands, carried out research in Uganda, and worked at the Center for international Migration (CIM) in Frankfurt / Germany in the area of international expert selection while he was a student. As a psychotherapist he was trained at the Ambulance for Psychotherapy in Marburg and later on worked in two clinics specialized in dealing with conflicts in the workplace.

Courses Taught

  • Wissenschaftliche Methodik der BWL (Übung)
  • Personalmanagement (Übung)
  • Einführung in Führung, Organisation und Personal (Übung)
  • Bachelorprojekt