MoBaS (Motorik-Balance-Schreiben -- Motor function-Balance-Writing)

In MoBaS, the motor-skills aspects of writing are in the foreground. Preschoolers are "examined" in the University Clinic of the University of Potsdam by members of the research group and staff of the University Clinic as part of this pilot project. The children imagine taking a walk in the woods and must then walk as steadily as possible in the hallway of the clinic. In this manner the degree of variation in speed between children is measured. Walking is a highly automated process that becomes automated and stabilized during the course of child development. The skill of balance is an equally important step in child development, without which we could not stand on one leg or ride a bicycle. We will measure, for example, how long the children can stand on one leg, but also how adept their hands are while practicing pre-writing skills , while copying patterns, while tracing, or while stringing beads. What does all of this have to do with learning to write? In this project we bring together a broad range of basic motor skills and their degrees of automation to find out at what level (?) the movements of writing are related to other motor movements at this stage of development (i.e. pre-school age).